We’re on a mission to make you feel amazing at work.

Work is central to who we are, a cornerstone of our dignity, an expression of our purpose in the world.

We spend two-thirds of our day and close to fifty years of our life working. Shouldn’t we strive to make every moment feel amazing? Welcome to Talentedly.

We believe high-touch, high-quality expert professional advice should be affordable and accessible.

Talentedly was founded with a single goal: help people build an amazing work life. Bringing together a dedicated team of certified professional coaches, career planners, behavioral change and industry experts, Talentedly is able to offer you a personalized professional program and career advancement tools that you can afford

*The average cost of an executive coach is $500 per hour. Source: The Conference Board

Since launching in 2013, Talentedly has helped thousands* of people reimagine what is professionally possible, get confident about their career path, and reach their professional goals.

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*Including premium online, in-person and free programs.

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