Feed Your Soul To Fuel Your Work. Meet Sarah O’Grady.

As a kid, when you're watching television commercials and your instinct is to start rewriting the messaging instead of singing along, you know there's a future in editorial. That's exactly what happened to Sarah O'Grady. Since then, her unusual career [...]

His Career Is One Big Analytics Party. Meet David Smith.

David Smith always knew he was a math-lover and problem-solver growing up. But, it wasn't until he jumped on an opportunity at social marketing startup House Party that he discovered how to both provide value to his company and pursue his [...]

Merging Fitness and Philanthropy. Meet Dana Canino.

Dana Canino wanted to build a community within New York that was warm and inviting through a business in which she could give back to the charity of her choice. The result? The Movement fitness studio. With the tag line "Give back. [...]

How To Build Better Software and Soft Skills. Meet Chris Ricci.

Chris Ricci is a builder by nature. He has spent the last 20 years of his career in software development and has been involved in the e-commerce game since its inception with big players like Amazon, Dell, and Sears. Today, [...]

Clean Energy Comes To Somaliland. Meet Nigel Carr.

You can take the boy out of Maine, but you can't take Maine out of the boy. Nigel Carr's Northeast roots inspired a deep appreciate of nature early on and piqued his interest in generating energy using clean resources. He [...]

A Lawyer Practicing For The Startup World. Meet Christina Oshan

Christina Oshan grew up seeing lawyers wear their stress and exhaustion as badges of honor, and oddly, that's what initially attracted her to the field. Talk about a challenge-seeker. Now, Christina is a lawyer as well as an entrepreneur, [...]

Life For A Writer Is Like A Bag Of Gumballs. Meet Kelli Russell Agodon.

It all started with a talking giraffe for Kelli Russell Agodon. Kelli was bit by the writing bug way back in second grade and hasn't looked back since that fateful writing assignment about a chatty animal. Just as her [...]

A Leader On The Track And In The Heat Of Battle. Meet David Watkins.

We are honored to feature David Watkins this week. He has seized one opportunity after another, whether a last minute athletic scholarship, a single offer to coach college track and cross country, or the chance to serve our country as [...]

How A Survival Story Turned Into A Career. Meet Vanessa E. Steil

During a serious health scare, Vanessa E. Steil needed a creative outlet. What started out as a blog to share her thyroid cancer survival story blossomed into a passion to share stories of all the things that bring her joy in life. [...]