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“Talentedly is something I can’t imagine working without. Having access to a professional coach helps you take your thoughts and ideas and channel them into professional progress, confidence and action. I can’t imagine managing all my professional, and personal, aspirations without Talentedly.” Jazmin Chavez, Social Media Manager, New York City Council


“Learning and practicing core soft-skills everyday has made a positive change for me professionally. I have learned not to lose
sight of my personal power which has made me more confident. I love the structure of the program and how my Coach personalized the program to suit my needs. Talentedly has helped me identify my blind spots and become a stronger leader, something that I couldn’t do on my own.” Anthony Demby, Founder, HumbleRiot


“I recently landed in a new position with increased responsibility and a lot to prove, I knew I needed to equip myself with more powerful tools than career blog posts or mentor advice. Talentedly’s value is twofold: the structure of the programs allows me to go into each day self-aware and prepared, and the one-on-one support provides insightful, unbiased advice based on my own strengths and weaknesses.” Brianne Garcia, Director Brand Products, .MIC

Start with your coach today.
Start today

Professional coaching for everyone

Simple: Pick your program and get started. You get instant access to your online program and your Coach.

Personalized: This is about your career, your goals, your aspirations. No book or video can know you, but your Coach does.

Affordable: Talentedly believes that everyone deserves access to affordable, actionable, quality professional coaching. That’s why our programs are focused on real-world skills, personalized to your needs, and coached by certified experts.

Personalized to your professional goals

Kickoff: We start by building a foundation of your strengths. Start with answering 5 basic questions and from there, it’s all about progress.

Goals: Set your goals and work through your online program. We’ll help you get there. It’ll take some work but the payoff is worth it.

Practice: Change starts right away. Our Learn-Practice-Apply methodology helps you build amazing professional habits beginning day one.

Support: It’s unconditional. You have your online program at your fingertips and your Coach is there for you every step of the way.

Coaching gets real results – fast

Meaningful results: Coaching gets you where you want to go fast because you’re working with a certified expert.

Personalized feedback: Your Coach isn’t there to tell you want you want to hear; your Coach is there to help you become your best professional self. We call it TLYLove.

Constant communication: By email, by phone, by text. When you need your Coach, they’ll be there.

Lifetime learning: On-going access, invitations to events and notifications when we add new content and articles – this isn’t one and done. You never stop learning and growing once you start working Talentedly.

Start with your coach today.
Start today