Confidence. Strength. Wisdom.

Your Talentedly Membership helps you feel more powerful in your work life
and in control of your career.

“It is like a deluxe gym membership to work out my “career muscles”, and I’ve spent way more time in the office than I’ll ever spend in a gym.”
Anne Griffin
“Talentedly has helped me identify my blind spots and become a stronger leader, something that I couldn’t do on my own.”
Anthony Demby
“Working with Talentedly helped me regain focus and crystallize my path forward in my career.”
Rita Ku
“Talentedly is something I can’t imagine working without. “
Jazmin Chavez
“The [coaching] sessions were invaluable because they kept me focused and I was able to put to work what I learned on a real-time basis, making an immediate impact.”
Jennifer Miles

Learn and practice every day.


With a Talentedly Membership, you have access to your own certified, professional coach to guide and support you while you learn. Two one-on-one sessions per month plus unlimited email support in between means you don’t have to go it alone. You work with your Coach over the phone or through video conferencing on your schedule and you instantly become part of a community of career-conscious go-getters, people, just like you, who want it all, on their terms.


It’s simple. Your monthly Talentedly membership entitles you to two private, one-on-one professional coaching sessions per month plus unlimited access to career-changing live online classes.

Think of it as a gym membership for your career.

Membership for your work life.


Talentedly membership means access to live and on-demand online classes including Mindfulness Meditation, Catch Your Breath, Power Hour, Career Fit and Coach’s Corner. Our goal is to give you access to everything you need to live your most satisfying work life, helping you to develop your work mind, your work body, and, most importantly, your work soul.



Learn, grow, connect —everything we do at Talentedly aims to bring balance to these core values. The result? A unique opportunity to strengthen your confidence, build yourself professionally and become part of a community that supports you in your work life.

Because it’s more than a job, it’s your career.


You deserve to live your best work life.